While work continues to finish the village hall the trustees of OSCR (the charity that is managing the build) are focussing on aspects of everyday usage. They have a dilemma! What type of chairs to purchase! It might seem a minor detail but it will affect the comfort of those using the hall for some time to come. The questions raised relate to how long people sit in chairs in village halls and there is no clear answer! If there are concerts or cultural events then people might be sitting down for 1 - 2 hours at a time, the same for a film evening. Weddings and corporate events might be grateful for some sort of padding on the chairs. The current amount of money donated through the Crowdfunder set up to raise funds for the furniture has reached £1378.00 thanks to generous donations from villagers and others further afield.

With the opening of the village hall imminent the trustees will need to resolve the issue pretty quickly. The set goal to raise £5000.00 seems a long way away. The trustees would like your view. At the moment we can afford 80 of the cheapest chairs available at approximately £10 per chair. The cheapest padded chair that is robust enough for village hall use is about £40 per chair - quite a large difference! To be able to afford these we need to raise upwards of £5,000 (when you include VAT). What are your thoughts - should we continue to raise funds to buy more comfortable chairs or should we make do with the cheaper version and save up for the better ones over time?

If, in the meantime, you can make a donation to the furniture fund it would be very gratefully received. Please make a donation - it could make a huge difference.

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